Remember, as you were growing up, when you’d open the refrigerator and remark “There’s nothing to eat in here!” only to turn around and find your mother had cooked a four-course meal from that same refrigerator? Wouldn’t it be nice to harness that same power to be able to turn a bare-looking pantry into everything you need to eat in a day? Wouldn’t it be nice if your cookbook knew what you had in your cupboard, and could rewrite itself using just those items? Perhaps it’s time you heard about Supercook.

Supercook is a recipe site unlike any other. Instead of just suggesting any random recipe, it recommends recipes based upon the ingredients you have available. Supercook is being hailed in Time Magazine, the Washington Post and on the “Today Show” as an invaluable tool to someone who is cooking on a budget. It’s more like a search engine than a traditional recipe site. It browses all the most popular cooking websites to find recipes that match the ingredients in your cupboard. Even if all you have is rice, eggs and butter, Supercook can suggest over one hundred recipes for you to try.

Supercook is also user-friendly and well-designed. You can start by typing your ingredients into the search bar, but it also lists popular ingredients that you most likely have. For example; sugar, vegetable oil and pasta were suggested when I visited the site to write this review. To assemble your virtual kitchen, just click on any ingredient you see that you have, and type in those that don’t pop up automatically. The list of things you can make populates in real-time, so the more ingredients you add, the longer the list of recipes. Each recipe also comes up with a picture. You’re also able to filter your searches by diet restrictions and specific types of meals until you find the dinner that’s right for you.

For some people, Supercook is just a handy tool for inspiration to spice up their next dinner. For anyone who’s trying to stretch their grocery dollar, it’s so much more. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut if all you’ve got to make it to the end of the month are eggs, rice, and beans. Supercook allows you to change it up a little every day, to the point that you can even create a meal plan using a few cheap staples.

Whether you have a full pantry or an almost-empty fridge, Supercook is there to help you make the best meal possible. Even just the action of going through your food to put it into your virtual kitchen can make you realize how much you actually have. Even if it’s not that much, Supercook can be there to point out that you still have the potential for an incredible meal.


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